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Balloon Toothless – How To Train Your Dragon

I created a Balloon Toothless at a recent Balloon Jam. I was inspired by another Balloon Artist’s design – Rob Driscoll from

I did not have a lot of time – less than an hour – with interruptions, but I was happy how he turned out.

Balloon Toothless from How to Train your Dragon
Balloon Toothless from How to Train your Dragon



Balloon Baseball Bat Columns

Balloon Baseball Bat Columns created for the Arizona Diamondback for an event in May.

BaseBall Bat Column

These 12.5″ Columns were created using the Aeropole system. I really love the flexibility of making this very tall column with no ladder! My husband held the pole over and I wrapped the balloons on. It worked great!!




I have created some instructions that you can download here:



How to make a Lalaloopsy Balloon Design

My Lalaloopsy Balloon Design was taught at the AZ QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) meeting and a video was taken. It is not studio quality, but has some useful tips.

This body design could be used to make a Minnie Mouse (foil head) or even Hello Kitty.

You can download the instructions here and then watch the video.



lighted 8 foot seahorse profile

Balloon Seahorse Sweet Sixteen Theme

My first use of curves in my balloon decorations!! I had a Seahorse Sweet Sixteen theme with a color palate of Teal, Caribbean Blue, White and Gold. I have never used foil curves before and thought they would be elegant for the fins and other accent points.

It really gave an elegant flair for the four 8′ lit Balloon Seahorses at the corners of the dance floor with  the criss-cross String of Pearls making a really nice focal point.  I also had the idea to use gold tapers for the horns of the balloon seahorse – which worked out great. I decided to create 2 small balloon seahorses for the cake table arch and also add more curves to the give a dramatic flair. Last but not least – I wanted to create an entry way that would show off the beautiful seahorses, but also provide an under water elegance as well. These 5′ pillars with clear String of Pearls made for an underwater feel with a unique water flower feature. It was a double door to the ballroom so this double entry design worked beautifully.

Here are some directions you can use to make your own!!



Arizona Diamondbacks FanFest 2013


Earlier this year I was able to create balloon columns for the D’Backs Fan Fest. My good friend Brenda Hatch was able to come help me set these columns up the night before. They looked really cool on the field!



We also came back the next day to twist for the fans – Brenda Hatch, Marta Hoburg, Tobi McJunkin and myself. 

It was a blast!!

Brenda at Dback FanFestdbacks3SAMSUNG    SAMSUNG







Balloon Decorations for the Corporation you work for…..

Balloon Decorations for Corporate Gigs

So you get the call – we want balloon decorations for a special event. This is your Vice President’s admin asking you to purchase the balloons (on the company’s dime of course) and make everything look nice. How can you say no 🙂

Balloon Decor for Stairways    Balloon Decor for a Conference Room    Balloon Columns to show entry way to Conference Room

The Columns were fun to make – love the slow spiral. The Centerpieces were easy as well and all of them were gone when I came to clean up. The atmosphere was just the right amount of fun – but still business like. The CIO, SVP and my VP were happy – so I wonder if more calls are in my future.


Balloon Decorations in Arizona – Flower Arch

Balloon Decorations in Arizona

I had a client that requested a simplified Balloon Decorations for her event. She had her heart set on an expensive Flower Arch she had seen online. I created this as an alternative to fit her budget and also give her the look she wanted.

Balloon Decorations in Arizona - Flower Arch

It looked great with the pole wrapped in green and the extra flower clusters in front of the table.

The flowers had just one side that looked like the picture and on the other side they just had one green 11 inch balloon sized to approximately 6 inch. I then used un-inflated 260s to tie the flowers to the pole. Keep this idea in mind when you need to cut costs for your clients.

Balloon Decorations can add so much to an event. Click here to see some other designs I can do.


For the Birds… Balloon Birds

I was part of the AZ Balloon Artists latest Balloon Job.

I had the challenge of making Balloon Birds for the tropical event. It was fun!!

Here is Big Blue Balloon Bird in Flight

Big Blue Balloon Bird in Flight   Big Blue Balloon Bird in Flight 2     Big Balloon Bird in Flight


A cute Balloon Bird on the Perch

Bird on Perch Balloon Bird on Perch 2 Balloon Bird on Perch 3

 Wacky Balloon Birds

Wacky Balloon Bird         Wacky Balloon Bird 2


Another Balloon Bird with Baby

                    Balloon Bird with Baby Balloon Bird with Baby 2


Balloon Decorations for your event – where to start?

I get calls for Balloon Decorations for events quite often – everything from Baby Showers to Bar Mitzvahs and they usually want to know what I can create and the cost. A good way to start is to decide on a theme. Do you want a circus theme for a 1 year old’s birthday party? Or does it need to be more elegant Balloon Decorations for a Sweet Sixteen party? This is the most critical piece to have decided before talking to a Balloon Artist.  Balloon Decorations - a Giant Clown

Once you have your theme decided, contact the Balloon Artist and explain what you want. Do you want table centerpieces, a large arch, some balloon columns or a special one of a kind balloon sculpture? You can ask them to send pictures of ideas for your theme. You can also do research to get ideas as well. Keep in mind that if you choose to have columns, arches, centerpieces, etc… you will need to budget realistically.

A Balloon Artist may ask you what your budget is so they can give you the realistic cost for your event. Costs can vary greatly depending if helium is needed compared to air filled balloons. The Balloon Artist may suggest some alternatives that will fit your budget and give you a look that will impress your guests.

A good place to look for a Balloon Artist in your area is the Artist Directory. You should check out their portfolio and decide if they can create the look you want.


Balloon Decorations - Ocean Scene

Good Luck! Twisty Kristy